Fix size of system tray icons in cinnamon

I found a quick way to change the size of the system tray icons that will persist across themes. It involves one change.

Open /usr/share/cinnamon/applets/[email protected]/applet.js and find this on line 8;

I wanted my tray icons to be 16 pixels and my height was 25 pixels so I changed this value to .64. You can determine your value by dividing desired font size / panel height.

The panel height of your theme can be overridden in cinnamon settings > panel if you do not know the height.

Here is the before and after:



Now your icons such as update manager, skype, truecrypt, xchat etc, will show in a similar size to the rest of the icons.


One thought on “Fix size of system tray icons in cinnamon

  • int3nd3 says:

    Thanks! It works in Cinnamon 2.0! Make sure ‘Use customized panel size’ and ‘Allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons according to the panel heights’ are selected in System Settings >> Panel before the procedure.


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