Best Resources for Learning Apache Spark Quickly

Here are my top resources for those who are looking to learn about Apache Spark and put it into production quickly: Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis Pros Good overview of Apache Spark fundamentals Cons If you prefer hands-on learning, this book goes into details that you don’t need to get started with spark. Try […]

How to connect to PHP-FPM directly to resolve issues with blank pages

Seeing blank pages when using Nginx and PHP-FPM can be frustrating. The following quick guide will show you how to connect to PHP-FPM directly so that you can determine if it is the reason for the blank pages. I recommend trying some simple approaches first to see if the blank pages are caused by syntax […]

Processing data with PHP using STDIN and Piping

PHP streams are still lacking in documentation and are rarely used compared to other PHP features. This is a shame because they can be really powerful and I have used them to gain a lot of performance when doing things such as processing log files.

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Your PHP Framework Choice doesn’t Matter

This is going to be a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, it’s a subject that I’m passionate about and enjoy working on the most and I believe it’s one of the more misunderstood aspects of PHP development.

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