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CTO Recipes ( is where I’ll be adding new content in the future. This blog will no longer be updated. I’ll keep this online to maintain links to the help articles here.

Processing data with PHP using STDIN and Piping

PHP streams are still lacking in documentation and are rarely used compared to other PHP features. This is a shame because they can be really powerful and I have used them to gain a lot of performance when doing things such as processing log files.

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Your PHP Framework Choice doesn’t Matter

This is going to be a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, it’s a subject that I’m passionate about and enjoy working on the most and I believe it’s one of the more misunderstood aspects of PHP development.

How to Tell if Your PHP Site has been Hacked or Compromised

A friend of mine recently had their site compromised, they were running an older version of IP.Board that is vulnerable to a local file inclusion vulnerability. This post won’t be about IP.Board or any specific php code, it will show you how to locate potential malicious php code hosted on your servers and how to […]

Best Resources for Learning Apache Spark Quickly

Here are my top resources for those who are looking to learn about Apache Spark and put it into production quickly: Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis Pros Good overview of Apache Spark fundamentals Cons If you prefer hands-on learning, this book goes into details that you don’t need to get started with spark. Try […]

How to connect to PHP-FPM directly to resolve issues with blank pages

Seeing blank pages when using Nginx and PHP-FPM can be frustrating. The following quick guide will show you how to connect to PHP-FPM directly so that you can determine if it is the reason for the blank pages. I recommend trying some simple approaches first to see if the blank pages are caused by syntax […]

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