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CTO Recipes (www.gregfreeman.co) is where I’ll be adding new content in the future. This blog will no longer be updated. I’ll keep this online to maintain links to the help articles here.

Best Resources for Learning Apache Spark Quickly

Here are my top resources for those who are looking to learn about Apache Spark and put it into production quickly: Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis Pros Good overview of Apache Spark fundamentals Cons If you prefer hands-on learning, this book goes into details that you don’t need to get started with spark. Try […]

Portugal Photos

These photos were taken in Portugal 2009, locations include Peniche, Ericeira, Sintra, Lisboa and Lagos.

Spain Photos

These photos were taken in Spain in 2009. Locations include Zarautz and San Sebastian.

France Photos

These photos were taken in France from July – September. Photo locations include Anglet, Biarritz and Paris.

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