Remove Activities menu from Linux Mint 12

A very helpful post over at the Linux Mint forums shows how to remove the default gnome 3 activities menu when using the new mgse mint menu.

I’m posting this here as a reference for myself and others as this is something you will need to do often. The mgse are updated often and will overwrite your changes. Credit goes to esteban1uy @ linux mint forums.

Open a terminal

In gedit, scroll down to line 827 and you will find this:

Comment these lines out by changing it to this:

Save, restart Gnome-shell (Alt+F2 r)

4 thoughts on “Remove Activities menu from Linux Mint 12

  • Koyomi Mitzuhara says:

    Thanks! this also worked for me in Ubuntu 11.10.

  • Koyomi Mitzuhara says:

    Spoke too soon. It still does what it claims to do, but it also removes the “hot corner” over on the left side, which I wanted to keep. The other application menu extension lets me keep the hot corner but makes the activities button open the application menu instead of going to the overlay, but I like the Mint one better overall.

  • Machdas says:

    Activities-menu was still there, system became slightly unstable (Linux Mint 12).

    • Greg Freeman says:

      Hi, this guide is outdated now, there is now a cinnamon settings that allows you to do this. I will update the post shortly.

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