Install Docky Unread Count for newer Thunderbird versions

If you use a thunderbird ppa or have a newer version of thunderbird installed, you will get an error when installing docky unread count saying that it is not compatible.

The extension works fine with thunderbird 8.0, you just need to make a simple configuration change to get it to install.

First, download the the docky thunderbird extension source from and install apache ant.

sudo apt-get install ant

Go into the downloaded directory and open install.rdf and change


to fit your needs, e.g


You can also use wildcards such as *.*

Now open up a terminal in the downloaded directory and run the command ant.

$ ant

Now install the thunderbird extension as normal.

XPI files are simply renamed zip files, so you can also rename the file to a zip extension or use the zip/unzip command line tools in linux.

You can use this technique for a lot of plugins, this should work for the awn-notif and cairo dock unread count plugins for thunderbird also. However be aware that some plugins will be incompatible.


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